Quality Appliance Repair is a Calgary appliance repair service. But what types of services do we offer?

Quality Appliance Repair focuses on large appliance repairs but serves almost any client in Calgary and the surrounding area. Don’t worry – we’ll come out for appliance repair work in Chestermere, Strathmore and Langdon. Quality Appliance Repair offers out of warranty repairs for all major appliances; we support every make, model and brand of appliance sold in Calgary.

Refrigerator Repair

Whether your refrigerator is no longer frigid or the freezer has become hot because the defrost heater is stuck on, give Quality Appliance Repair a call. Contact a Calgary appliance repair service before you have to replace all the defrosted food in the not-so-cold freezer.

Clothes Washer Repair

Do clothes come out smelling like they’ve spent a few days stuffed in a stinky gym bag? Quality Appliance Repair is a leader in clothes washer repair. We can fix anything wrong with your clothes washer short of re-plumbing the house. And we’re known for our prompt, affordable appliance repair services in Calgary.

HVAC Repairs

Quality Appliance Repair won’t repair your home’s furnace or air conditioner. What we can do is check out the small dehumidifier you put in the basement or closet to control the mildew and find out why it isn’t working. We can repair your small room heater that you use so you don’t have to turn up the thermostat. We can’t fix your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump.

Oven Repair

Did that last self-cleaning cycle fry the oven’s control board? Are the controls intermittent or failing to respond at all? Is the food coming out unevenly cooked and you don’t know if it is the heating elements, the fan or sensors that need to be repaired? We can repair electric stoves, gas stoves and tricky dual fuel models.




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Dryers Restored

More Services

Water Filtration / Water Softeners

Quality Appliance Repair can install new water filtration systems and water softeners. We are happy to repair existing water filtration systems and water softeners, whether the issue is replacing the water filters and salts or fixing timers and sensors.

Garbage Disposal / Trash Compactor

Has your trash compactor stopped compacting the trash? Does it make funny noises or have a bad smell? Let us fix it for you. We’ll take care of both stand-alone trash compactors and under-the-counter trash compactors.

Range Repair

Whether you have a countertop range or full range in the kitchen, Quality Appliance Repair is ready to help you. Let us find out why the range won’t come on, can’t cook a meal or burned your last one. We’ll repair your range if the problem is the burners, control board or anything in between.

Refrigerator Problems?

When you think you need a Calgary refrigerator repair service, how can you tell when you actually need the professional repairman in Calgary and when you can do the refrigerator repairs yourself? If the refrigerator has a water dispenser that isn’t dispensing water, the first thing to check is the water supply. Has the water to the fridge been turned off for some reason? Does the water filter need to be replaced? Is the water dispenser turned off? Is the refrigerator in display mode because it is confused after a power outage or Sabbath mode? These issues you can fix yourself as long as you have the user manual or right parts.



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